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Text strings that are awarded to the player by fulfilling various requirements. They can be seen from the character sheet, or the examine window. Have a look at the list of badges.


  • Someone who has been banned from using either Star Wars Galaxies, the forums, or both.
  • Someone who has been banned from city services, may no longer use the city's shuttle, clone station or vehicle garage. Also known as 'City-banned'.


Be back soon.


Short for Bio-Engineer.

The Bio-Engineer profession was removed with the NGE.


Base Extraction Rate. Used when talking about harvesters. The number of resources that would be collected per minute on a spot with a certain concentration percentage.


Battle Fatigue, a type of wound that was applied to players as they receive health wounds. Was healed by Entertainers in a Cantina, Hotel, or Theater.

As of Publish 20, Battle Fatigue has been removed from the game.


Acronym for Bounty Hunter.


Objects such as weapons and armor(including factional Armor), once BioLinked, can only be worn/used by that specific player, no one else. A BioLinked object can not be traded. In addition, the object can not be equipped until it is BioLinked.


Referring to the Binary Liquid used in the crafting of Mandolorian Armor.

Blue Glowy

  • Forum rank attained by being a retired Correspondent
  • Slang for the ability that all pre-NGE Jedi (a.k.a. Elder Jedi) were given that allows them to turn blue and translucent, otherwise known as a "Force Ghost".


Star Wars Galaxies Server.


A character run entirely by macro who does not have a human player actively playing them.


Usually refers to Vasarian Brandy, a powerful (if crafted correctly) mind buff that focuses on all three of your mind related pools.

Post-CU: this drink no longer buffs the stats, but instead increases regen rates for a short period.


The Star Wars Galxies Server originally used as the server during Beta Testing. One of the most populated servers. Players be warned: Bria is known to load slower than most of the other servers after any downtime. Expect sudden crashes.


Be right Back


Shorthand for 'be right there'


An enhancement to a character's statistics that makes them stronger for a period of time. Usually in reference to spices, Medic enhancements and Entertainer enhancements. Some foods and Stims also apply enhancements to stats, and are sometimes included in the general term "buff."


The act of applying a buff

Buff Bot

A bot used for buffing players. Typically these are Medics giving players medical enhancements.