BH Armor

Crafted Bounty Hunter Armor

A full suit of armor consists of a Helm, a chest plate, Biceps (2), Bracers (2), Pants, Boots, Belts and Gloves.

The 3 types of Bounty Hunter armor

There are actually 3 types of Bounty Hunter armor.

This type has stats and mods (sometimes) was equippable by any profession until the armor category was fixed, it also has an option from radial menu ("~" key) called "Dismantle" if you do that you turn it into a Post-CU Bounty Hunter armor part. It cannot be used as component for Mandalorian armor component unless you dismantle it !

This type can be looted from any Black Sun (outside Death Watch Bunker) or from the Treasure Map chests and cannot be equipped. It is an item, not an armor part like others. The item can be used as component for Mandalorian armor crafting. To enter the Death Watch Crafting room you need that version.
Pre-CU BH armor part

Pre-CU BH armor part

Crafted from schematics looted during Bounty Hunter elite level missions, that have been learned by a Master Armorsmith. It has stats, of course, and is customizable during crafting like any other armor. But, it cannot be used for crafting Mandalorian armor.

This type of Bounty Hunter armor is considered assault armor, and therefore offers high kinetic protection but low energy protection. It is also customizeable in color.
Post NGE BH armor part

Post NGE BH armor part


Two false informations from in game items :

  • The name of the PRE-CU looted Bounty Hunter armor became "Crafted Bounty Hunter armor", and it has never been crafted by a player but has been looted !
  • The Description of the *Post-CU looted Bounty Hunter armor says that you can equip that item selecting "equip" in the radial menu ; It is not true, the Radial menu does not show an "Equip" option.

Additional Notes :

Post-CU looted Bounty Hunter armor parts are looted from Black Sun NPCs on Endor, Dathomir & Yavin IV. Note that these can not be looted from Black Sun NPCs inside the Death Watch Bunker. The chance of looting a piece of the armor is rare, and may only happen once every 20-40 kills.

Some rare PRE-CU looted Bounty Hunter armor parts have some mods on them like Protection versus Poison, Ranged Defense, Protection versus Fire. They do not keep them if turned into a Mandalorian armor part. 

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